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Anes`s Information
Real Name: Shante'
Rank: Basic Trancer
Status: Healthy
Join Date: November 16 2005
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Mood: -None
Artist Type: New Artist
Region: Homeless
Career: Jobless
Website: Visit
Aim: benevolentuni
Login: Offline
Trances: 1
Literature: 0
Comments: 0
Trancer Comments Received: 0
Forum Posts: 0
Journal Entries: 0
Policy Violations: 0

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I'm an African American female that happens to dip her hands into art, reading, and writing for hobbies. I wouldn't speak of my art as superb or beyond excellent, but I'm slowly working my way up to that level. I stand before you as a Traditional Artist who weilds the common graphite pencil better than anything else in the world. I can color my work, but it is so time consuming and of such poor quality, I usually shy away from it. I have accounts on DeviantArt, SheezyArt, and now here -- along with a few website debutes every few months. So if you have a feeling you've seen me or my art somewhere, drop a post and say hello! I love to meet new and old friends about on the internet. ^^



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