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Anyangel`s Information
Real Name: Anya
Rank: Basic Trancer
Status: Healthy
Join Date: October 2, 2005
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Mood: -None
Artist Type: New Artist
Region: Homeless
Career: Jobless
Website: Visit
Login: Offline
Trances: 3
Literature: 0
Comments: 0
Trancer Comments Received: 2
Forum Posts: 0
Journal Entries: 0
Policy Violations: 0

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Hello I am Anya or called Sam.
Some people like to call me angel or angel sama or hisoka im fine with any of these given names goes there given to me by special people that i love alot.
right now im 24 i love digital art or pensil art in the style of anime/ manga / japanese
im a buissy persone always doing more then i should im a music teacher and a band. i sing in a music world choir. im writing a fanatsy book with my best friend called Qeust for Survival. I study ICT (Computer information and communication technology and i hope to do more with it on art related level.
i love animals nice people children ect. just be nice to me and ill be nice to you ^_^
have a nice day Gr Anya



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# 374

by bishies_lover
Basic Trancer
2007-07-17 13:47:06


i meant great arts...


check out my arts if u haven't yet ^^
<br>~hugs and kisses~ to everyone!

# 373

by bishies_lover
Basic Trancer
2007-07-17 13:46:43


great u got! u should upload more! ^^


check out my arts if u haven't yet ^^
<br>~hugs and kisses~ to everyone!

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