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  1. Accounts
    1. Can a mod or admin e-mail me my password or change it?
      No, neither action can be done. Always make sure you have your password recorded somewhere for you to retrieve it. If you want to change your password, you must go to Manage Profile under My Pokemon and select Change Password to change your password.

    2. Why am I banned and when will I be unbanned?
      You can visit your profile on the main Secret Trance site. On your profile where it says "in a coma", will be a count down of the days you are banned. The reason for the ban can be found on the Policy Violations page. You access this page by clicking on the number of policy violations that is on your profile.

  2. Getting Started
    1. I don`t like how the site looks.
      You can change how the site looks. Go to My Account, click on Change Skin. You can try each skin and see which one suits you best. Sometimes new skins may be added over time so that there will be more options. You can even suggest skin colour schemes in the ST Sonic the Hedgehog forum or use the Suggestion form.

    2. How do I get started?
      Once you are logged in and your account has been verified, go to My account. Click on Power On. Follow the directions given you to use Power On. This can only be done once but once it`s done, you will be able to access the game.

    3. Ok, I did Power On. Now what?
      Under My Account, you should see a new link Characters. Click on that to get your first character, Sonic.

    4. Is there a guide that helps you figure out what to do, like a strategy guide?
      Yes. The guide is here, made by Beloved Doll.

  3. General ST Sonic the Hedgehog Questions
    1. I did some Zone Explorations and now suddenly a character doesn`t appear on the list.
      This is because the character`s available health is too low to take on the task of exploring zones. Go to the shops and buy an item or two that will replenish health. Once the health is replenished, the character will be available to explore the zones again.

    2. How do I know what the results are of the Zone Exploration run I just did?
      You can view up to the 25 most recent Epxloration runs to see the results by going to My Account and clicking on History.

    3. How do I heal my character?
      First to to Shop and buy some healing items with your Power Rings. Then go to My Account, Characters and select a character that you want to heal. In the tools menu on the character page, select Use an Item. Then choose the item you want to use.

    4. How long does it take before a character can be leveled up?
      Currently (this may change later), it takes 500 experience points for a character to be able to gain a level.

    5. What are the Extra Points for?
      Each character has a set way of how their stats increase. But there needs to be some variety between each person`s characters. Just like in Sonic Chronicles, you can give an Extra Point (or more) to a stat of your character to increase that stat much more. For example, if Sonic`s Strenght is 17, and you want to increase his strength to make him stronger than everyone else`s Sonic, you would give his Extra Points to his Strength.

  4. The Chao Section
    1. How do I get a chao?
      Save up your rings because chao aren`t free. A Neutral Chao Egg is the cheapest egg and is a good starting point. You will buy your chao eggs from the Shop and you can sometimes acquire them through special events. You must have story mode started in order to access the shop, your chao and the chao garden.

    2. I got my chao egg, how do I hatch it?
      Go to your Inventory once you have bought the chao egg and look for the egg in the list. Next to it will be a link that says Hatch. Click that link to hatch the egg and your new chao will be sent to the Chao Garden.

    3. Why isn`t my chao in the garden? Why can`t I do anything with my chao?
      Because your chao doesn`t have a name yet! Your chao needs to be named before it goes into the chao garden and before you can feed it and such. Once you have named your newly hatched chao, the fun can begin.

    4. How do I raise my chao`s stats?
      You can raise your chao`s stamina, power, run, swim and fly stats by giving it chaos drives. Different colour drives will affect certain stats:
      Purple - Fly
      Red - Power
      Green - Run
      Yellow - Swim
      Blue - Stamina

    5. Where do I get chaos drives?
      There are currently two ways to get chaos drives: 1. Spend your power Rings to buy them form the shop, or 2. Randomly find them during Zone Exploring.

    6. How do I make my chao happier?
      Simply put: feed it, give it gifts and play with it. More options will possibly become available. Playing with the chao also cures it of boredum.

    7. How do I feed my chao?
      If your chao is hungry, select the Feed Chao from the drop down menu of the Tools area of your chao page. You can select an item from the list to feed to your chao. Each one will will fill your chao`s belly at different amounts and will also increase it`s happiness. If the fruit you feed it is it`s favourite fruit, it`s happiness will increase by twice as much. But make sure you have enough Power Rings - Feeding your chao is not free!

    8. What do the letters next to my chao`s stats mean?
      The letter indicates how quickly your chao`s stats will raise. F being the worst with S being the best and A second best.

    9. How do I know what fruit is my chao`s favourite?
      This is very easy to determine. Go to your chao`s page and look for Favourite Food stat. Next to that will be the name of your chao`s favourite fruit, which is randomly assigned when it`s egg is hatched.

  5. About Secret Trance Sonic the Hedgehog
    1. How often is ST Sonic updated with new stuff?
      Whenever I have the time to. I currently have two jobs, and maintain multiple sites in addition to having a non-work and non-online life. So it could be a month before I update or I could update 5 times in a day. It`s varies.

    2. Which Sonic game is ST Sonic most like?
      None. There is not one game that Secret Trance Sonic the Hedgehog is most like. I pick out elements from each game and combine them together into one while throwing in my own elements.

    3. Why is the Secret Trance Sonic the Hedgehog currency not the Echos currency that the rest of the site uses?
      This is because it is Sonic, a creation of another person/company. I would like to keep Sonic intact as best as I can, which includes the currency.

    4. Why is there a Blue Chaos Drive? That`s not in any of the Sonic games!
      It is a drive I created specifically for ST Sonic the Hedgehog just to make it easier to raise the stamina than the way the games do it.

  6. Trouble Shooting
    1. I found an error.
      Immediately report it to a site administrator or moderator. Be sure to describe in detail what the error is, where it is found and what was done to trigger it.

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