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Project Sonic AF
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Page created on April 24, 2010 05:36:39 PM.
Last updated: September 18, 2011 12:52:37 PM.

Project Sonic AF is a temporary name until an official name is made.

This project involves the Jazwares 3.5 inch action figure line and also hoping that the company will continue the line with doing figures of all of the characters. So e-mail Jazwares with your character requests for their 3.5 inch line! If they see people asking for their characters, they may make it a reality and would make this project possible!

This project will involve not only the action figures as mentioned, but also accessories, sets, voice actors and many other elements. We`re in the beginning stages so there`s still plenty of time to get things worked out. In the meantime...

I picked up some papers form the craft store that would work well for flooring for the sets that will be created. I`ll need more still but what I have is a good start. I also found an item that I can easily acquire in large quantities from same said craft store to use for the power rings. They are metal-ish, the right colour and right size. Still looking for chaos emeralds, though.

Since I need to do test animations to see what can or can`t be done with these figures, I`ve started doing some test animation to see how they work before I get too far into the project. Early test animations are linked below (proper lighting is not done since that is not what the focus is, what`s important is whether or not the figures can accomplish what I need them to and whether or not this is something I can do). Click the link (you will be taken to another page) to see the test animations.

Test animations:

I have so far in the cast Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Silver, MetalSonic, WereSonic, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, SuperSonic, SuperShadow, SuperSilver, Vector, Espio, Jet and Maria.

I have someone to do music for the project.

Update October 16 2010
SuperSonic, SuperShadow, SuperSilver and Eggman have been acquired to the cast. The large 10inch MetalSonic figure will also be used in the project. The set that came with Eggman and MetalSonic will be used in a scene as it`s setup just right for a few things.

Chaos emeralds are acquired! They came with the SuperSonic triple set figures. I`m waiting for the store to re-stock on Vector and Espio so I can acquire them for the cast as well. Discussions have started in having a custom figure of Maria made.

Update October 26 2010
Vector and Espio have been acquired to add to the cast of characters. I`ve gotten in touch with a customizer to discuss the details in having Maria done so we are in the very early stages of that. I also officially have someone who will be doing music for the project.

More ideas are generating for plot/story of the project though that is still in the beginning stages, too. I`m not sure if those ideas will even be used but the ideas are coming and I`m thinking of many things and how the ideas will get used and strung together.

Update January 2011
An updated version of Tails has been added along with his vehicle from Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing video game (so that now Tails will have the proper buckles and his tails will rotate). Also, Jet has been added to the cast along with the Sonic Riders version of Sonic. The mini project with having Maria made will begin really soon, I just have to send out the figures this Saturday to have them worked on and customized for Maria to be made. One "extra" voice actor is set.

Update September 18 2011
Maria has been completed and added to the cast of characters. Jazwares is moving quite slow but I`m hoping they will continue to release more characters such as Rouge and Blaze and several others. Some of the new figures that came out with the Sonic Generations line have robots with them so we have some robots!

Here is a current to-do list for the project. More items may be added in the future. Items with a check next to them are items that are done.

Official Project Title
Camera Rig/Jig
Extra Lighting
Programs to Put Animation Together
Figure - Sonic
Figure - Shadow
Figure - Knuckles
Figure - Tails
Figure - Metal Sonic
Figure - Silver
Figure - Amy
Figure - Dr Eggman
Figure - Espio
Figure - Vector
Figure - Maria
More Figures of More Characters Made by Jazwares
Power Rings
Chaos Emeralds
Flooring for Sets
Buildings for Sets
Script for Episode 1
Electronic Props for Eggman`s Base
Sets Based on Actual Zones from Games
Figure - Extra Characters
Figure - Giant Metal Sonic
Sound Effects
Props and Accessories
Voice Actor - Sonic
Voice Actor - Shadow
Voice Actor - Knuckles
Voice Actor - Tails
Voice Actor - Silver
Voice Actor - Maria
Voice Actor - Amy
Voice Actor - Dr Eggman
Voice Actor - Extras (A Few)
Special Effects

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Project Sonic AF
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