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Look here to see if the answer to your question is already addressed before contacting me.

  1. How many Sonic items has there been added to the SonicCollectors site?
    So far, 172 items are on the Sonic Collectors website. (This number will automatically update itself when new things are added.)

  2. Is this another Sonic item guide?
    Sort of. I`m including the items that I own. I`m not including the items that I don`t own, or at least not at this time. It can be considered a guide but it`s more to show off things, like a showcase, rather than being like a bible of Sonic merchandise. Even if I branch out to show off items I don`t own, I doubt I could ever have every single Sonic item that there ever is. Sonic Gear would be the place to go if you want to see all Sonic items that there ever was.

  3. Is there anyone else that works on Sonic Collectors besides you, Beloved Doll?
    At this time, no. I am the only person working on this project.

  4. Can I use your photos?
    The only people who are 'legal' in using my photos are those who have my permission. You will have to contact me about this and show me where the photos would be used. If you do gain permission to use my photos, you may NOT claim them as your own.

  5. Will you let people make submissions to Sonic Collectors?
    The idea is certainly already there. I just have to finish deciding what kinds of material would be submitted and how the submission process would be done.

  6. Are Sonic products the only thing this site will have?
    No, I have plans on some other things that will be brought to Sonic Collectors. I just need the time available to get everything going with that. I have a starting list of what to do with this site, I just haven`t been able to get that gar yet. Hang in there, more is definitely on the way!

  7. Are you selling any of the items that are on Sonic Collectors?
    No, the items listed in the sections are not items that I am selling. A Sales section will eventually be made which will show the items that are for sale.

  8. Why do you list prices of different sources for the items?
    The reason for this is because I know many places, especially ebay, will try to rip off consumers. It`s to show you the ranges you can find the products in from official shopping sites, such as Amazon. I hope it would encourage you to shop around and check sources before spending $30 on something when you could only spend $10 on it at another place. Yes, some items do have this wide a price range from store to store.

  9. Can our two sites affiliate with one another?
    Maybe. I will have to review the site first to be sure it is something I would want my site to affiliate with. Then you would have to list Sonic Collectors as your affiliate first. use any of the contact methods to get in touch with me on affiliation.

  10. Will you showcase other people`s projects as well as your own?
    I don`t know. Might be a little difficult to do. But I`ll think about it.

  11. What is the Power Ring count on this site about?
    They will become of use in the future but only registered memebrs of Secret Trance can collect Power Rings on SonicCollectors. There are various things you can do on SC to gain Power Rings.

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