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Add Your Content
If you would like to add your stories or art to the Sonic Collector database to share with other Sonic fans, this form will be used. Please read the directions carefully and follow them as it helps keep the submission process accurate, quick and smooth. Failure to fill the form properly may result in your submission being rejected. All content submitted must involve the Sonic franchise. Only submit the content that you are the owner of, do not submit content that does not belong to you! If you want someone else`s content to be submitted here, suggest to that person to submit the content here themselves. Any content found to be submitted by someone who is not the owner will be removed. You do NOT have to be a registered member of Secret Trance to use this form, anyone can submit their content. This form must be complete in order for the submission to go through, so be sure that all fields are filled before submitting. All content will be reviewed before they are approved.

Type of Content

Title of Content

Your Name to be Credited by

Url of Your Profile Page
This would be where you want people to go to when they click on your name if they want to find out more about you and your work. This MUST link to a personal profile page, advertising is not permitted.

Your Valid E-Mail Address
This address will NOT be publicized. It is merely a way for us to contact you if there are any problems or to inform you that your contest was accepted.

Url of Content
Content being submitted must already be available on another website. If it is not already, you may post the content on Secret Trance and then come back to this form. Url MUST link to the content that is being submitted.

Adult Rating
Be as accurate as you can - we don`t want children getting into adult rated material. Ratings used are the same as MPAA rating system (just to keep things simple).

Rating Warning
This section is for warning why the content has the rating that it does (such as gore, sexual scenes, swearing/cussing, etc). This does not apply to G rated content, which need no warning.

Pairings Used
If no pairings are used, just enter "None". If pairings are used, examples of how to enter them are: SonicxAmy, SonicXAmy, SonicAmy, Sonamy, AmyxSonic.

Description for Contet
Description MUST describe what is going on in the content.

Are you human? If so, copy the randomly generated text below into the text box (this is case sensitive so if the letter is capitalized, be sure to capitalize it):

Make sure all fields are filled out (leave no field blank) and that all information is accurate!
By submitting this form, you verify that you are the owner of the content that is being submitted.

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