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Game Systems
This list of consoles is incomplete. This is because this is a list of what systems I own, not a list of what`s out there. I decided to put this up since I frequently get asked what systems I have. Enjoy! (NOTE: Do not ask if I will sell/give you anything from this list. I do not give up any of my games stuff ever.) If it`s not listed, I don`t have it. As for what games I have, check the collection lists.

Last updated: February 24 2009


  1. Sega Genesis (2)
  2. 32X
  3. Game Gear (2)
  4. Sega Saturn
  5. Sega Dreamcast
  6. Game Boy Colour
  7. Game Boy Advance
  8. Nintendo DS Lite
  9. N64
  10. Nintendo Gamecube
  11. Wii
  12. PS2
  13. PS3
  14. PSP
We also have NES and SNES but those have been a problem getting to work. Atari 1600 and Atari 3200 are somewhere around here (no idea where though) and last we checked, the systems worked but not the controllers. These four systems belong to my parents though it`s possible I`ll inherit them sometime in the future.

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