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I was introduced to Inuyasha I think in 2004 over the internet by an out-of-state friend. He only gave me a vague description and I went on the quest to find out what it was all about. I enjoyed it, it was entertaining; Rumiko has delivered just as well as she did with Ranma 1/2.

As I usually tend to do, I enjoyed the Japanese dub better than the American, but the english dubbing wasn`t as bad as what I usually see done. But I will accept sitting down with either one of them. My Inuyasha collection is nowhere near as big as what my Sonic, My Little Pony or Pokemon collections are. Out of all the fandoms that are being added to my site, Inuyasha is one of the least leveled ones, but I like it enough to want to put at least a little time into it.

I had started a fan story of the Inuyasha crew, but after two chapters, it was abandoned. I might pick it up again but only if someone is going to be willing to work with me on it and has the same views as I do. Whether or not it will ever be continued, I can`t say.

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