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My Little Pony

My Little Pony is one of the very few "girl" things I like. It was a favourite toy line as a child (next to Sonic the Hedgehog) and since it had it`s third generation release, I`ve gotten back into it. I possess a large collection that to this date, has taken over half of my closet. I`m not as big of a collector of My Little Pony as I am with Sonic the Hedgehog, though. While with Sonic I`ll take anything that features them, My Little Pony I only collect the toys, plushes and DVDs.

I was born just a couple years after My Little Pony has been on the market. My mother got me two ponies (Twirler and Baby Splashes, along with Sweet Dreams Crib) when I was a child and have been hooked on My Little Pony since. I have over 200 ponies (not counting the petites or the MIB ponies) floating around with many playsets and accessories. I can ID many of the ponies but not all of them. I certainly do not consider myself as a die-hard pony fan nor an expert of it. I come into "My Little Pony Bouts" in waves, weaving in through my Sonic the Hedgehog times (in which, Sonic the Hedgehog is near-constant).

I have done a few MLP images and even made up my own ponies (a couple of them so far have been customized into actual ponies) and I have a story series based on my customs and the actual Hasbro ponies.

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