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Sonic the Hedgehog

In elementary school, I had a buddy that was already into Sonic the Hedgehog. I was curious about it since it was an animal thing and I was always more interested in animals than humans (which carries to this day). He had brought in a couple of the comic books in which I looked over his shoulder to read. So one day as my parents took me with them to the grocery store (which at the time sold comic books, it doesn`t any more) I grabbed my first Sonic comic. The rest, as they say, is history.

I collect everything Sonic I can get my hands on, from games to plushes to action figures to dvds to posters to clothes to comics and anything else you can imagine. I have every single Sonic action figure I ever purchased still in their original packaging, never removed or opened, tacked up on the walls of my room. No, I`m not kidding. I prize my Sonic possessions higher than My Little Pony or anything else I own. I would like to buy duplicates of the figures I already have so I could have a set outside their packages and keep the others in their packaging. One day...

Knuckles used to be my favourite Sonic character until Shadow came along. Now Shadow is the favourite. The ranks of everyone else have shifted and I`m still trying to decide who is second favourite and so on. There are actually very few characters of Sonic I don`t like. For example, Jet. I know all too well how much of a jerk he is but I still like him. I used to not like Amy but things have changed with her and she is among my faourites now.

Since the fandom of "fan pairings" are out of control on the net, and also because I get asked this frequently, I am making an official statement of the pairings I go with. Before I do, I need to explain something. All these years, I never done or even thought about any pairings among characters. Never. I just hadn`t thought about it and just left things as how these companies had things. After a huge muck on relationships, I found myself reading fanfics (something I normally would not have done). The first pairing that entered my mind was Kagome and Kouga in Inuyasha. After the bout with that was over, the fan-pairing spilled into Sonic the Hedgehog. I am rather surprised that I`m doing such a thing but it is a fun thing to do. As with anything else, you are expected to have an open mind and have tolerance. In order of pairings from most favourite to lesser favourite that I do are: Shadow-Maria, Sonic-Amy, Shadow-Amy, Shadow-Amy-Sonic triangle (not in that manner; I`m referring to situations where Amy is having trouble deciding between the two and the guys are bickering to each other over who gets to have Amy), Jet-Wave, Knuckles-Shade. If you want to include non-Sega characters, Knuckles-Julie-Su are included in the list somewhere in the middle. I accept other people`s decisions on their pairings and don`t flame people for their choice, so I expect the same treatment back on my decision. Anyhow, the fan-pairing this is extremely new to me, having only about 1 or 1.5 years on it.

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